Grow your own Macadamia Nuts!

Torere Macadamias Home Garden macadamia range includes some of our very own blended macadamia nut varieties and varieties chosen from our imported range. These are all grafted onto Beaumont macadamia root-stock for vigor and stability.

We understand that home gardeners’ macadamia requirements differ considerably from those of commercial macadamia growers.
By listening to home growers over the years, we have gradually built up a range of macadamia varieties to fulfil their needs. Our new range of Home Garden macadamia plants are available on our Shop page and display the following characteristics:

  • Small to medium size open macadamia trees that are easily maintained
  • Smooth or prickly leaf option with red, dark green or light green tips
  • Range of blossom colour – pink, white or creamy
  • Choice of macadamia varieties to spread harvest times for fresh macadamia nuts over several months
  • Choice of dropping or stick-tight macadamia nuts
  • Robust macadamia varieties suitable for NZ’s cooler climate
  • Pest and disease resistance – easily organic
  • Mainly open macadamia husks so you won’t need macadamia de-husking machinery
  • Large, healthy wholesome macadamia kernels
  • Medium-thick macadamia shells are possum-proof and deter rats

A mix of macadamia varieties is recommended for better macadamia pollination. All macadamia varieties are grafted on to Beaumont macadamia rootstock in PB6.5 and PB8 bags. Torere Macadamias will graft other macadamia varieties on request for the dedicated home gardener.

TMac1 variety

TMac 1, pink blossoms, smooth leaves, large nuts

TMac 1 in blossom Torere Macadamias