A new growth industry in Macadamias

Torere Macadamias Limited (TML) is an organic macadamia development company, dedicated to establishing an organic commercial macadamia nut industry in New Zealand with implementation of their 10-year NZ Macadamia Industry Growth Strategy (2018-2029).

Vanessa Hayes, the founder of TML, began her macadamia research in 1983 to find the best varieties for her own macadamia orchard development. She contributed her orchard block at Torere in 1993, to trial the best dropping commercial macadamia nut varieties sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Rod Husband joined Torere Macadamias Limited in 1996. In 2001 they built a quarantine facility and the largest macadamia nursery in NZ. They then imported a further 15 varieties chosen from the best performers from Australia, Hawaii and South Africa; to trial at Torere.

Torere Macadamias trial results are outstanding, with quality and production that substantially surpassed all macadamia varieties in New Zealand for premium quality kernel recovery and high whole kernel percentage.  TML have identified and propagated the best macadamia varieties from those trials and have sole propagation rights in NZ.

The results from Vanessa’s variety research provides comprehensive in-depth data for new growers to choose from a list of 9 of the best producing varieties with options for Early, Midseason or Late harvest which is a massive game-changer for the macadamia industry. Knowing exactly when your tree will crop, the kernel size and oil quality provides a marketing edge not previously available.

Ongoing variety research to identify the differences between the 9 best varieties in kernel taste, nutritional value, oil content and quality; will provide an accurate guide for cost effective product development and marketing e.g.  varieties with the highest oil content and quality will be used for cosmetic and medicinal products.

TML’s wholesale macadamia plant nursery propagates and supplies these 9 new dropping macadamia varieties to Commercial growers along with their range of Home Garden varieties for the home growers.

About Torere Macadamias - Vanessa and Rod

Meet The Directors & the Team

Joint Directors, Vanessa Hayes and Rod Husband have specific management roles for the development of this new industry.  Vanessa is Torere Macadamias General Manager, NZ Macadamia Society Vice President and manages the 10-year New Zealand Macadamia Industry Growth Strategy.

Sharna Edwards is Vanessa’s grand-daughter and backup for project planning, accounts and administration, staff management (3 staff), sales and marketing and product despatch from the Gisborne Head Office location.

Walter Rika is Vanessa’s son and the on-site Torere Orchard and Nursery manager with 6 staff and Liaison Manager for 12 macadamia students on location.  He provides Vanessa with backup support for new growers and is responsible to Rod for operational activities on location.

Rod provides Vanessa backup in all areas of the business and specifically ensures quality control of Nuts harvested and overall quality presentation of the Orchard and Nursery for monthly Field Days and assists Vanessa at Shows and Event promotions.

Vanessa owns and operates Life Broker Services Ltd, a successful Life and Health Financial Adviser business in Gisborne. She has won several business awards and qualified as the first female Fellow of the New Zealand Life Brokers Association. Vanessa\’s insurance business enabled her the time to indulge in Macadamias and sport – squash and tennis, representing Gisborne and the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

The valuable Torere trial block of imported Macadamia varieties is secure in ownership and experience over three generations with Vanessa\’s family involved in the business. This experience and knowledge ensures that the valuable resource of Macadamia scion wood at Torere, will continue to be the base for developing a viable Macadamia industry in New Zealand.

Rod is the new vehicle sales manager for Gisborne Motors Ford and Mazda. He has worked in the motor industry for most of his life apart from a ten-year interlude of Soccer administration culminating in his appointment as the NZ All Whites soccer tour manager from 1984-87. Tennis is also one of Rod\’s passions and this is where he met Vanessa in 1993.

Rod joined Vanessa as Director in 2001. He provides back up and support for Vanessa to manage and maintain the overall Macadamia business including grower support, product development and sales and marketing.