Join the new Organic Macadamia revolution

The massive demand for macadamias in New Zealand is historical with 185ton imported in 2018 compared to New Zealand production of 60ton.  However the impact of Covid-19 in 2020 has seen a drop in imports and a surge of demand and price hike for New Zealand grown macadamias.  Macadamias are known globally as the ‘King’ of nuts and command the best prices at the supermarkets – unfortunately these are imported macadamias grown with a range of insecticides and fungicide sprays.  There are no imported certified organic macadamias and huge demand, lack of supply of macadamias coupled with the premium price; is a great reason to grow macadamias in New Zealand today.

Torere Macadamias Ltd is enthusiastic and excited to present a unique horticultural land development opportunity to you with their 10-year NZ Macadamia Industry Growth Strategy (2018-2029) growing commercial macadamia plants to produce superior quality organic macadamias.

We invite you to become one of the first in New Zealand to take part in the development of an organic macadamia industry. Torere Macadamias Ltd offers exclusive commercial varieties of macadamia trees, which are more profitable and less labour intensive than other macadamia plant varieties. We have successfully grown and trialled commercial dropping macadamia varieties suitable for cooler climatic conditions and will continue this research for the New Zealand macadamia industry.

Regional Macadamia developments and Collectives

Torere Macadamias Limited have established and continue to develop regional organic macadamia grower collectives for individual large blocks and multiple small blocks to combine their resources.   The goal for 1,000ha of organic macadamias planted by 2029 is on target with three regional collectives fully committed with growers attending the 2year NZQA Level 2-3 training courses.  The increased interest in growing organic macadamias is attracting a range of landowners including Farmers, Maori-owned blocks and Lifestyle owners who want to diversify and grow financially viable but sustainable organic food crops that don’t harm their health, their land or the environment.

Join our Macadamia Field Day tours to view the macadamia trials for yourself, and see how easy and rewarding growing organic, spray-free macadamias can be:

  • no posts or wires
  • no pruning
  • no picking
  • no heavy spray programmes
  • no cool storage costs
  • long shelf-life
  • reasonably non-perishable
  • not reliant on export markets
  • premium winter bee food

Macadamia De-husker

Macadamia Nut Dehusking Machine

1.5 ton macadamia drying bins

Growing the macadamia industry - Torere Macadamias

A38 variety with long white blossoms

Growing the macadamia industry Macadamia Trees in Blossom