packed with nutrients, minerals,
antioxidants and vitamins to
support wellness

great for cooking with –
macadamia stuffed chicken

We’re passionate about Macadamias!

The Torere Macadamias team lovingly grows the macadamia plants, tends the macadamia orchards, harvests, processes and markets what we believe are New Zealand’s premium organic macadamia nut kernel and macadamia products.

We use sustainable methods, organic growing techniques and work with nature to create and craft natural, healthy wholesome tastes and textures that our customers love.

We also have the largest commercial macadamia plant nursery in New Zealand; supplying quality macadamia plants and providing invaluable information and advice about growing macadamia nut trees at our macadamia Field Days .  Check the dates on our Field Day page and book your visit soon. Whether you are visiting our website to explore and buy from our growing range of organic macadamia nut products, looking at developing a commercial macadamia orchard or want a couple of macadamia trees for your back garden; we hope that you too will fall in love with Torere Macadamias.

Commercial variety in full blossom

Macadamia Trees in Blossom

Angelina showing Ian McConachie (Life member Aust. Macadamia Society) our healthy trees loaded with nuts.

Commercial dropping variety trial block

The Story of Torere Macadamias

Torere History

Torere is a small bay in Eastern Bay of Plenty named after Torerenui-a-rua the beautiful Maori princess who swam ashore from the Tainui waka.  Torere’s Iwi (tribe) is NgaiTai, it has one of the smallest tribal area’s in New Zealand. Torere in Maori means ‘desire’.

Vanessa Hayes was endowed by her tupuna (elders) as kaitiaki (caretaker) for this special location, now growing macadamias. The location has historical significance with taonga (ancient tools) discovered on-site under the largest pohutukawa on main-land NZ.

Macadamia development at Torere

Vanessa Hayes pioneered research and trials for commercial high producing dropping macadamia nut varieties in New Zealand. Together with partner Rod, they obtained exclusive rights for their imported varieties, built the largest macadamia plant nursery and planted the largest orchard of these new specialist macadamia varieties at Torere.  Vanessa’s three adult children (Raelyn, Angelina and Walter) have been involved from the outset and continue to assist; including their own children in all avenues of the business.

Angelina and Walter have had turns managing the Nursery and the Orchard from 2001 to date; with help from Raelyn. Walter had the difficult task of upgrading and restocking the nursery from 2013-2015 (after the global recession) and from June 2016 Angelina has taken over, continuing the nursery expansion and orchard management.

Vanessa and Rod oversee all operations and manage macadamia processing, product development, sales and marketing and provide monthly Field Days at Torere to support new growers.

Health benefits of macadamias

Macadamias are gluten free and contain essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc. They are also full of vitamins and a rich source of mono-unsaturated fat that helps lower cholesterol, maintain healthy body lipid profiles and provides protection from coronary artery disease and strokes.